Posted on October 2, 2023 at 10:05 am

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Producer Binaiferr Kohli on the hard work that goes behind making comedies, also talks about their next, season 2 of May I Come In Madam?

Comedy shows are an extremely important part of the entertainment industry as this is probably the most popular genre. We all need humour in our lives to survive. Makers of comedy shows have many things running in their head, after all making people laugh is the toughest thing to do. As one of the most successful producers of Indian television, Binaiferr Kohli shares about how the team deals with the pressure of expectation. Meanwhile, season two of her popular production May I Come In Madam? is on air since a few days.


Photo Courtesy Binaiferr Kohli Team
Photo Courtesy Binaiferr Kohli Team


“Comedy shows are the order of the day. Everyone is looking forward to great comedy, and if it has been done well previously, then, of course, season two is on. There is great pressure, certainly, but as long as you know you’ve done your work diligently, conducted your research, assembled a great creative team, believe in yourself, and have selected a great cast who believe in themselves, and the channel believes in you, then, of course, the pressure reduces. However, there is pressure because one episode of comedy is like producing five episodes of a soap opera. I’ve even written, executed, and produced soap operas, and I would say that one episode of a comedy equals five episodes of a soap opera. But if you look at comedies throughout the ages, out of the ten best comedies in television history, four or five are Edit II’s comedies. I feel very proud to say that, and I hope we live up to the audience’s expectations and have their blessings upon us. We are very grateful to them,” she smiles.

About season two of May I Come In Madam? recently started on Star Bharat, she adds,

“With the second season of ‘May I Come in Madam? there are no hurdles. Yes, you need to improve your writing because times are changing; your concepts need to remain relevant. However, it’s the same theme. And it’s fun working on the show. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s one of my favourite shows,” she adds.

The USP of the show is that the writing is excellent, according to Binaiferr.

“The creative aspect is also great. Additionally, it’s on a prestigious platform like Star, and the technicians contribute to it. The entire team’s effort makes for a good show,” she says.

The leads Nehha Pendse and Sandeep Anand both are extremely talented actors. And, that is again a plus for the show.

“Sandeep is an extremely talented boy. He was there in FIR, and I had promised him that in my next show, he would be the lead. So, we made him the lead not just because of a promise but because of his great talent, which we saw in him. I have great expectations from him, as well as from Neha. It was her first television show after being a child artist in ‘Hasratein’ I bumped into her at a furnishing store, and I realized she was the ideal one for the role of Madam. I don’t remember if we did a screen test, but she’s done a great job. Similarly, you can’t take away from Sapna Sikarwar, Soma Rathod, and Anup Upadhyay. In fact, Soma is my favorite character. She’s too cute. Kashmira is great too. And, of course, we will miss Deepesh Bhan a lot, who played Bhupesh. Every character in that show is so well-written and are great performers,” she praises the team.

Edit II shows are known for it’s concept, writing and content quality.

“We have been doing limited work and focusing on our writing and casting. You can’t simply cast someone based on names and popularity; you have to select someone who fits the role and is a great performer. Attention to detail is essential. We have always had a great team from the channel that has given us freedom and has trusted us, so we work even harder to live up to that trust,” she ends.

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