Posted on October 12, 2023 at 3:08 am

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Megha Sharma opens up on playing Chhabili in Pandya Store

Actress Megha Sharma, who plays the role of Chhabili in the show Pandya Store, says that she can hardly relate to her character. However, she adds that this makes her role more interesting to play.


Photo Courtesy Megha Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Megha Sharma Team


“I can’t relate to my character in the show at all. The character Chhabili is entirely different from who I am in real life. In reality, I’m a strong introvert and dislike engaging in idle gossip or discussing personal issues with just anyone. I prefer keeping a small circle of close friends and don’t like sharing my problems. However, I am a good listener and a trusted confidant. My friends can confide in me with complete trust, knowing their secrets are safe with me. So, in real life, I’m nothing like Chhabili, but I still portray the character on screen because I love acting,” she says.

Talking about the other characters that she has played in the past, she says,

“My first show as Sayunkta on ‘Big Magic’ was ‘Baal Krishna,’ and my second show was ‘Mahakali’ on ‘Colours,’ where I portrayed ‘Devi Kritika.’ Both of these shows were produced by Swastik Productions. So far, my journey has been very rewarding, and I have received as much as I had worked for. Now, I must work even harder to achieve more.”

Pandya Store is a popular show, and being part of the cast is a great opportunity, she says, adding,

I felt great when I became a part of the cast. I received the role exactly as it was explained to me, and I’m still eager to delve deeper into my character. There are hidden facets yet to be explored.”

Meanwhile, she adds that it’s important to balance personal and professional life.

“In a daily soap , it’s quite challenging to strike a balance between your work and personal life. Finding time for yourself is nearly impossible, unless it’s your scheduled day off, but even then, you often have meetings to attend. You end up waiting for the next break, but by then, more meetings are already lined up, making it quite difficult to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life in the world of daily soaps,” she says.


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