Posted on October 13, 2023 at 4:48 am

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Keh Doon Tumhein’s Akshay Dandekar: The intriguing plot of the show sets it apart from other thrillers in the genre

Akshay Dandekar plays the role of SI Amol Jadhav in Keh Doon Tumhein (KDT). The show is being produced by Vajra Productions. Praising the title and storyline of the show, the actor shares his experience.


Akshay Dandekar Photo Courtesy Keh Doon Tumhein Team
Akshay Dandekar Photo Courtesy Keh Doon Tumhein Team


“The title ‘Keh Doon Tumhein’ was finalized after a lot of discussions. It is inspired by the famous Hindi song. This title reflects the dilemma of our protagonist, Vikrant Deshmukh, also known as Sarkar (played by Mudit Nayar). It literally means ‘should I tell you the secret or not?’. Sarkar has been hiding a lot of secrets from the world, mainly from Kirti Shukla. The show revolves around how he keeps his secret intact,” he says.

It’s a thriller and this is the second time that Akshay is doing one.

“Prior to this, I had acted in the Hindi thriller film Fashion House,” he continues, “My character is SI Amol Jadhav. Jadhav is lazy, lethargic, and a foodie police officer. This is a very important character in the show, as Jadhav is one of the reasons Sarkar is able to continue his serial killing swiftly. In real life, I am a serious, no-nonsense kind of introverted person. However, as the character is very funny, all my hidden talent with regards to humor can be easily seen on the screen when I play this role. Jadhav’s greed for food is only on screen, as in reality, I am trying to lose weight.”

The show is being shot in Panchgani, and the actor says that this is the best part of the journey

“Panchgani is a very scenic hill station. The weather is soothing throughout the year. We are yet to experience extreme cold in winters. I am sure it is going to be fun. Moreover, on off days, our gang tries to explore the surroundings and post reels and videos on our Instagram handles. Don’t forget to check them,” he says.

About working with Vajra Production, he shares,

“Vajra Production is producing this Hindi show for the first time, and I must say they are doing a fantastic job. Our producer, Shweta Shinde ji, and Sanjay Khambe ji are actively involved in the whole process. Our production team, including Himanshu Ji, Indrajeet Ji, and Sunny Ji, are very considerate and kind people. They really ensure that we are comfortable at every point. We don’t feel homesick as this place has become our second home.”

The show has been getting positive responses. Agreeing, he adds,

“It encourages me a lot and helps me keep up the pace and makes me even more eager to perform better. The intriguing plot of the show, which has been maintained from episode one, sets it apart from other thrillers in the genre. Everyone knows Sarkar is the serial killer, but the mystery is why Sarkar is the killer. This is the X factor in the show that makes it binge worthy for the OTT audience as well.”

The TV industry has evolved over the years.

“The making of TV shows has drastically improved. During my childhood, we enjoyed watching thriller and horror shows in the 90s. This decade has brought that genre back with a new treatment. The audience has become very discerning nowadays, and they watch global content on their fifth-generation mobile phones. New Indian Television is successfully trying to match the quality of its shows to cater to that evolved audience.”

Daily soap means a lot of hard work and patience.

“As the term ‘soap’ itself suggests, it should make you feel fresh with its fragrance while also cleaning away the boredom of your mind. Just like soap is a basic necessity, TV is a basic necessity for every person. To achieve that kind of quality in a show, hard work, patience, persistence, and perseverance are inevitable,” he adds.

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