Posted on October 26, 2023 at 2:10 am

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Fans feel Soniya Bansal is a true entertainer, has a long way to go in the BB17 house

Actress Soniya Bansal seems to have become quite a threat in the Bigg Boss 17 house. With just a few days gone by, Soniya has emerged as a poweful player and the contestants are constantly keeping an eye on her. They even nominated her. Soniya has a deep understanding of people’s characters and knows how each one is.


Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team
Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team


Fans like her observations, for example, when she says that Ankita Lokhande is upset with her husband Vicky as he doesn’t spend time with her. She has also seen through Mannara Chopra’s cuteness and knows that she is someone who can turn against her quickly. And last but not the least, while she was friends with Khanzaadi, she is making sure to not stand with someone who is wrong. Khanzaadi has been way out of line, targeting people’s professions, creating a scene every day. She called Sana Raees Khan, a lawyer with no brains, which really upset Sana. So now, Soniya is also waiting for Khanzaadi to apologize and won’t stand by her if she doesn’t.
Looking at the last few days, fans feel that Soniya will stand for something right and will not mince her words. And if that deserves a nomination, then so be it! But people who are watching the show they know Soniya will be a great contestant and she is an entertainer too. She has a long way to go in the BB17 house.
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