Posted on October 27, 2023 at 4:24 am

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Abhishek Kumar termed ‘fearless’ by fans, trend “FEARLESS ABHISHEK KUMAR”

Bigg Boss 17 has just begun but the drama and action have been there since the start. One of the most talked about contestants on the show has been Abhishek Kumar, who is often pointed out for starting fights and is often called aggressive.


Photo Courtesy Abhishek Kumar Instagram
Photo Courtesy Abhishek Kumar Instagram


While some feel this way, many viewers feel that Abhishek is misunderstood and is quite brave. Viewers have also noted that his love for fellow contestant Isha Malviya is true, and is having a hard time controlling his feelings in the house. The most recent episode of Bigg Boss 17 saw an ugly spat between Abhishek and Mannara Chopra which has divided the internet again.
Many are supporting Abhishek, and to show their support they have been trending “FEARLESS ABHISHEK KUMAR”
One user said,

“Abhishek Kumar’s journey in Bigg Boss is inspiring. He fearlessly faces every situation with honesty. 🙌 FEARLESS ABHISHEK KUMAR”

Another added,

“He gives respect to everyone but that does not mean he will take other people’s  disrespect. FEARLESS ABHISHEK KUMAR”

One user also said,

“I was one of them who were excited for his entry in BiggBoss and I believed in him and I still do . I see potential in him but I know sometimes life turns a huge part in our lives so it’s a phase of his life as well ! I hope he will overcome and play fire. FEARLESS ABHISHEK KUMAR”

It seems like the audience has a lot of faith in Abhishek Kumar, and hopefully, things get better for him in the house. One thing for sure is, that so far, he’s been winning hearts!
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