Posted on September 18, 2023 at 1:45 am

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Thank You for the lessons and memories, Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari on Colors became one of the most talked about and long-running television shows. The show launched at the 6:30 p.m. timeslot and gave a tough fight to shows in the regular primetime slots. The show starred Samridhii Shukla and Farman Haider in the lead roles. After a beautiful run of 1 year, the show bid farewell to its audience.


Saavi Ki Savaari Photo Courtesy Colors Instagram
Saavi Ki Savaari Photo Courtesy Colors Instagram


The show has maintained a fresh feel right from start to end. We got to see a unique concept of an only female auto driver in Ujjain crossing paths with a successful and hardworking businessman. Saavi faced many problems, some from society and a lot from her sister, but nothing stopped her positive outlook on life. One of the things that made the show stand out is that Saavi always maintained her strength and empowered others while not coming across as preachy.  Nityam was also not the typical angry young man; he valued hard work and family ties.

Nityam’s mother Vedika was one of the most progressive mothers-in-law of television. Vedika addressed Saavi as ‘bestie,’ and the two were best friends. The show also presented two different worlds where we saw the simple and bustling Hanuman gully- Saavi’s home, and the posh and comfortable Dalmia mansion-Nityam’s home. Saavi still maintained her personality and preferences despite entering a very different type of household, while Nityam learned to adapt to more humbling situations in Saavi’s locality.

Other topics the show touched on included, greed and how it does not guarantee happiness, as presented through Sonam. Another was how it’s the connection of hearts that matters, and not necessarily the connection of blood, as presented through Raksham. The list of lessons is endless! The fantastic performances of the cast, feel-good vibes and well-paced tracks from Saavi Ki Savaari make the show one to be remembered forever.

A big THANK YOU to the entire team of Saavi Ki Savaari for a memorable and inspiring show! We wish them everything of the best in their upcoming endeavours!


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