Posted on September 12, 2023 at 1:34 am

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Nivedita Basu talks about Atrangii

Nivedita Basu (VP content and business alliance, Atrangii TV and OTT), says that content on both OTT and TV has changed drastically over the years. She adds that now there is content for everyone.


Photo Courtesy by Nivedita Basu PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Nivedita Basu Team


“So, the main change of content has been from soaps to OTT now in daily soaps, we had limitations of what kind of story you’re telling because you were catering to a single TV home. And now that everything is on the palm. We have content for everyone, for every age group, every genre, every kind of content,” she says.

She adds,

“So, there was a trend when OTT started in terms of content, you know, people are showing extreme crime. And, that has changed, which is a good thing. Now you have all sorts of genres that are doing well. Good luck. Youth shows are doing well. We’re waiting for Archie to come from Zoya, made in heaven as well. So, I think now the content machinery has opened up and there is content literacy for everyone from my child till my grandmother.”

Love triangles are the flavour of the season in terms of OTT and TV, she says, adding,

“I think love triangles work irrespective of the medium it is, whether it is theatre, whether it’s cinema, whether it is films, TV, or OTT; is just so nice to see when you’re stuck in a situation and how does one come out of it. Sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s lust, sometimes it’s some other angle; I think just the reason changes, but love triangles are like potent. I have thrived on them. I remember Kasauti when it used to be Bajaj Anurag and Prerna.”

Talking about the current projects with Atrangii, she says,

“Currently, I’m eagerly waiting for an upcoming project, King, a reality show featuring Divya Agarwal. Following that, I have Bargain and Kaneez lined up. Beyond that, there’s a slice-of-life show titled Lappad, which has been renamed as Kacha Papad Pakka Papad.”

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