Posted on September 14, 2023 at 5:05 am

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Neha Pendse Bayas talks May I Come in Madam? Season 2

Actor Neha Pendse Bayas, who will be part of May I come in Madam? Season 2, says that she is looking forward to this season. Neha plays the role of Sanjana Hiteshi in the show.


Photo Courtesy Neha Pendse Bayas Team
Photo Courtesy Neha Pendse Bayas Team


“My role is the same as it was in the last season, Like Madam. The USP of the show is that the writing is brilliant and so is the execution,” she says.

Ask her if there is any pressure in performing well this season, and she says,

“I don’t take any pressure. Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli as producers are amazing. They treat their team as family, most of the cast and crew have worked with them on multiple projects. They pay sharp on time and follow time discipline, honour and pleasure to work with them.”

When it comes to inspiration in comedy, Neha says,

“I think it is Tom and Jerry. It’s tricky when it comes to double meaning jokes. The trick of double meaning is to deliver it with apt balance , it’s an art to master,” she says.

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