Posted on September 4, 2023 at 3:25 am

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Karan Veer Mehra opens up about being part of Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

Karan Veer Mehra is a well-known actor of the television industry. The handsome hunk has been a part of the showbiz world for more than a decade and has established a name for himself.


Karan Veer Mehra Photo Courtesy Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Team
Karan Veer Mehra   Photo Courtesy Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si Team


The talented star is currently seen in Star Plus’ popular drama series Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si. The show stars Sayli Salunkhe and Mohit Malik in the lead roles.

Karan Veer is portraying the role of Vaibhav who is Vandana’s love interest in the show. The track is focusing on a special occasion of Vandana and Vaibhav’s engagement which will definitely bring new twists to the story and also lots of drama.

When asked how excited he is about the forthcoming engagement sequence as Rajan Shahi‘s shows are known for grand celebrations, Karan Veer said,

”I am totally excited as always. Rajan Shahi and the entire DKP team leaves no stone unturned to make such celebration track a huge success. It is so much fun to match their energy.”

Karan Veer has collaborated with Rajan Shahi and DKP for another show after Woh To Hai Albelaa.  When asked about his thoughts before taking up this show, he said,

”I always say that whatever character Rajan Shahi will offer me, I will do it without any second thoughts. This character and everything is so well-defined. You generally can’t say no to a producer like Rajan Shahi. He is putting his money on me, it is such a blessing to be a part of his show. In fact, he should be asked why he chose me for this role as he could have cast any other actor. I am so glad that I have carved a niche where he can call me and say that I will be doing this role.”

Karan Veer also recollected how he came onboard for Woh To Hai Albelaa.  He said,

”I remember he did not even audition me for Woh To Hai Albelaa. Only a look test had happened and I was finalised for the role. He knew that I would be able to pull off such a character. He is more confident that i’ll be able to do it and I am very nervous.”

Lastly, talking about his bonding with Sayli Salunkhe in the show who plays Vandana’s character, Karan Veer said,

”My bonding with her is really great. She is a sweet kid. I am calling her a kid as she is quite a young girl. But she is playing a very mature role and pulling it off really well. Also, she is a very fine artist and it is fun to work with her. Generally leads have maximum scenes and they have to work more but she never shows tiredness. She is always very active and full of energy. Sayli is very supportive towards the cast and crew and everyone on the set.”

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