Posted on September 6, 2023 at 4:35 am

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Junooniyatt is gearing up for some intense action to captivate its audience

Here’s what’s coming up in the coming episodes of Colors TV’s Junooniyatt!


Photo Courtesy Junooniyatt Team
Photo Courtesy Junooniyatt Team


A heated confrontation unfolds between Jahan (Ankit Gupta) and Jordan (Gautam Singh Vig), with Jahan boldly declaring in front of everyone that she is no longer his wife. This revelation leaves Ilahi (Neha Rana) feeling utterly despondent and deeply shaken.

Recognizing the pain Ilahi is going through, Jahan suggests that it’s time to be honest with their mother, as he doesn’t want Ilahi to suffer any longer due to their situation. Meanwhile, Dolly, unable to find peace, becomes restless, prompting the doctor to administer an injection and provide the family with further instructions regarding her care.

Jordan, consumed by anger, takes out his frustration by shooting at a picture of Jahan. Maheep is deeply concerned about Jordan, witnessing the intensity of his obsession with Ilahi. In an attempt to shed light on the truth, Ilahi shows Dolly a series of manipulated wedding pictures of herself and Jahan. However, Dolly insists on seeing their actual wedding album and presents Ilahi with the wedding dress she wore on their special day.

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