Posted on September 4, 2023 at 3:44 am

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Ishita Dutta’s Stunning Comeback: From Motherhood to the Set

Ishita Dutta, known for her roles in Bollywood films like “Drishyam,” recently made headlines as she stepped back into the limelight after embracing motherhood. In July 2023, she and her husband Vatsal Sheth were blessed with a baby boy, whom they lovingly named Vaayu Sheth.


Photo Courtesy Ishita Dutta Team
Photo Courtesy Ishita Dutta Team


After taking a break to embrace motherhood, Ishita Dutta recently shared an exciting update with her fans on Instagram. She posted a heartwarming picture of herself on the set, radiating with happiness and enthusiasm. In the caption, she expressed her emotions, saying, “First shoot post delivery, Feels great to be back on set.”

“I haven’t been out shooting for months. Although I’ve captured some content at home, being away from my usual outdoor shooting routine feels refreshing. It’s strange not having Vaayu by my side; this feeling started last night, which was the first time I slept in a different room. Until now, we’ve been co-sleeping, and I’m not ready to part from him at night. Everyone advised me that I need good sleep for the shoot, even though I have to wake up to feed him. Surprisingly, I did sleep well. Every time I wake up, I sneak a peek into his room to ensure he’s okay. I’m missing him so much.” she added further

Ishita Dutta‘s return to the set is not only a testament to her dedication to her craft but also an inspiration to new mothers balancing their careers and family life. Her fans and colleagues have showered her with love and support on social media, applauding her commitment and resilience.

As she continues to embrace both her on-screen and off-screen roles, fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects and the wonderful moments she shares with her adorable son, Vaayu Sheth. Ishita Dutta‘s story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the ability to find balance in the demanding world of showbiz and motherhood.

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