Posted on September 5, 2023 at 1:56 am

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Charrul Malik talks about the importance of Teacher’s Day

Teachers have always held a special place in her heart and actress Charrul Malik says that they are the ones who have shaped her future. She adds that there are some who actually helped her reach where she is today.


Photo Courtesy Charrul Malik Team
Photo Courtesy Charrul Malik Team


“Teacher’s Day holds a special place in my heart because one of the key figures in my life is my mother, who also happens to be my teacher. The Hindi language education I received came not only from my mother Asha Malik but also from my teacher Smriti Ma’am. Their guidance and support enabled me to excel in Hindi. Thanks to their influence, I pursued a career in Hindi, working as a news anchor for all top news channels, and even delving into English news. Despite my initial struggles with English, my focus on Hindi was largely influenced by my mother,” she says.

She adds,

“This is why I always commemorate Teacher’s Day and maintain communication with both my teachers. Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with Smriti Ma’am, who is from Chandigarh, and I no longer have her contact information. Also, I have stopped going to Chandigarh since my family moved to the USA . My mother is no more but the bond I shared with her is irreplaceable. She not only nurtured and educated us but continues to be an integral part of our lives.”

Reflecting on her school days, she says,

“I also had other remarkable teachers. Smriti Ma’am, in particular, had a profound impact on me. She greatly improved my Hindi handwriting, and I received numerous awards during my school years. She would often say, ‘Charrul will come and write on the blackboard.’ This boosted my confidence and instilled in me a strong sense of focus in everything I pursued. She taught me how to shine on screen and bolstered my self-assurance. I was a highly obedient, punctual, and focused student.”

She adds,

“Teachers’ praises were certainly not spared, and I held a deep admiration for my educators, just as they did for me, owing to my frequent accolades. Most of my accomplishments, including debates, shlokas, sanskrit writings, and various competitions such as dance and singing, were predominantly in Hindi. Language played a pivotal role in my success.”

Talking about the kind of student she was, she says,

“I was a disciplined student, dedicated to extracurricular activities. I possessed the knack for keeping my teachers content, and I skillfully capitalized on this ability. With good grades to my credit, I enjoyed the appreciation and respect of all my teachers.”

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