Posted on September 27, 2023 at 5:07 am

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All about Vandana aka Sayli Salunkhe’s Traditional Avatar for Ganpati Aagman in ‘Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si’

In the TV show “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si,” produced by Rajan Shahi, there’s going to be a unique celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Sayli Salunkhe as Vandana Photo Courtesy Rajan Shahi Team
Sayli Salunkhe as Vandana   Photo Courtesy Rajan Shahi Team


This special episode beautifully portrays the essence of unity, tradition, and the spirit of the festival, with a unique twist . One of the characters, Vandana, from a Maharashtrian family, will wear traditional Maharashtrian clothes and play the Dhol as part of the festival.

She’ll wear a special nine-yard saree called the Nauvari saree, which is an important part of Maharashtrian culture. She’ll also wear traditional gold jewelry, including a special nose ring called a Nath.

To complete her look, Vandana aka Sayli Salunkhe will have a neat bun with flowers in it, which is a tradition for Maharashtrian women. She’ll also have a moon-shaped bindi on her forehead. Her traditional look will make the festival more authentic and beautiful for the viewers.

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