Posted on August 3, 2023 at 2:50 am

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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’s Karan Suchak Shares His Wish to Explore the Horror Genre

Renowned television actor Karan Suchak, who has captivated audiences with his remarkable performance as ‘Jai’ in the popular show ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho‘ on Star Bharat, has recently expressed his keen interest in venturing into the horror genre. The talented actor, known for his versatility and dedication to his craft, opened up about a chilling encounter that piqued his curiosity and further fueled his desire to work in the realm of horror.


Photo Courtesy Karan Suchak Team
Photo Courtesy Karan Suchak Team


Recounting the spooky incident, Karan shared,

“I recently encountered a truly eerie phenomenon while I was at the gym. I was going about my regular workout routine when something caught my eye near the garden beside the gym. There were two swings, and to my surprise, one of them was inexplicably swinging back and forth despite there being no wind or external force. It was a bone-chilling sight, and the swing continued its haunting motion for nearly an hour.”

He continued,

“After the incident, some of my friends reached out and informed me that there have been stories circulating about a tragic accident involving a young girl in that very location. According to the accounts, inexplicable and eerie occurrences have been happening there ever since. I must admit, it was a terrifying experience for me, and it got me thinking about the supernatural and the unexplained.”

Karan Suchak, known for his dedication to his craft, expressed his desire to step into the horror genre and explore its mysterious realms as an actor.

“Although I have never personally encountered such incidents before, the recent encounter has left me intrigued about the horror genre. As an actor, I am always drawn to exploring new dimensions and portraying different characters. If given the opportunity, I would definitely love to work on a horror project and challenge myself in a way that I haven’t experienced before.”

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