Posted on August 8, 2023 at 2:59 am

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Hina Khan: My hard earned achievements are my real verification, not reliant on a blue tick

Hina Khan has taken to social media to make a very bold, but realistic stance on the topic concerning blue tick verifications on Twitter and Instagram!


Photo Courtesy Hina Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Hina Khan Team


Replying to a fan on twitter who wrote to her saying she should get her account verified for it to not look fake, Hina said,

“In a world where verification can be bought for a teen’s allowance, the line between counterfeit and genuine blurs. My hard earned achievements are my real verifications. They are not reliant on a blue tick. Even if insta rescinds my tick, I won’t bat an eyelid. #BeyondTheBlueTick”

Hina further stated,

“Our criteria needs to become more efficient. True authenticity lies in community support. The realest thing we can hold onto. Not captive to a mere blue tick” .

Hina concluded,

“My avid supporters and dedicated fans, it is important to see beyond the blue tick and understand the depth of our capabilities. The essence of our authenticity and truth lies within each of us, deeply nestled in rugged landscape of empathy and realism. Our true value surfaces when we embrace this authenticity and realism.  So let’s step beyond the blue tick together. Always cherishing our authenticity. While the blue tick might rise our social status, it does not measure our real worth. Our real worth lies in our actions, intentions and how we treat those around us”.

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