Posted on August 21, 2023 at 3:23 am

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Getting to know Vijayendra Kumeria’s Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai cast!

Education, empowerment, and gender equality…this and much more is seen in Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai. Produced by actor Vijayendra Kumeria (Kumeria Productions), Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai, aims to captivate audiences with its engaging narrative while inspiring meaningful change.


Photo Courtesy Vijayendra Kumeria Team
Photo Courtesy Vijayendra Kumeria Team


At a press event held on August 17th, the producer duo- Vijayendra Kumeria and Preeti Bhatia and the esteemed actors Sonam Lamba and Raghav Dhirr were present, adding to the excitement surrounding the good response to the show. Both actors took the stage to share insights into their personal journeys and express their enthusiasm for being a part of “Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai.”

Sonam Lamba, known for her versatile roles, opened about her journey as an actor and the thrill of portraying characters that resonate with audiences. She emphasizes her admiration for projects that combine entertainment with powerful messaging, making Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai a perfect fit.

“It’s truly an honour to be a part of a show that not only entertains but also promotes valuable messages,” Lamba remarked.

Her dedication to her craft and belief in the show’s impact were evident as she eagerly awaits its premiere.

Raghav Dhirr, equally esteemed for his acting prowess, shared his perspective on the role of media in shaping societal perspectives. He conveyed his excitement about the show’s premise, highlighting its potential to inspire and educate viewers.

“Being a part of a project like this is a privilege. I believe it’s important for artists to contribute to stories that uplift and motivate,” Dhirr affirmed.

Vijayendra Kumeria, the driving force behind Kumeria Productions, also took the stage to share his vision for the show and his commitment to creating impactful content. With a seamless blend of entertainment and societal messaging, “Jahan Chaand Rehta Hai” follows the journey of a protagonist inspired by Kalpana Chawla, emphasizing female education and empowerment. Kumeria’s dedication to producing shows that make a difference was underscored by his ambitious plans for the future.

The event culminated with a cake cutting. The show Jahaan Chaand Rehta Hai airs on DD National Monday to Friday at 8 pm. The show promises to be a unique addition to the world of television, combining entertainment with empowerment.

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