Posted on August 4, 2023 at 3:10 am

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Balraj Syal speaks about his new song Bhole; sung by his wife Deepti Tuli

Actor and standup comedian Balraj Syal and his wife Deepti Tuli are one of the most talented couples in the industry. On the auspicious month of Shravan, they have come up with their new song Bhole which is a tribute to the powerful god Mahadev.


Photo Courtesy Balraj Syal Team
Photo Courtesy Balraj Syal Team


Throwing more light on Bhole, Balraj says,

“Bhole is special not because Deepti has sung or I wrote the lyrics and we have worked together on this. It is special because it tells people the significance of Lord Shiva. I always felt hurt when songs related to Lord Shiva were released. They only talk about Babaji Ka Buti, etc.  So when we were working on Bhole  I wanted to address this. So while writing the song I wanted to tell people that “वो बूटी नहीं वो पर्वत है पर्वत पर बैठा भी वो है.”

On sharing a divine relationship with Mahadev, he says,

“My relation with Lord Shiva is what a relation of a child is to his father or creator. I have read somewhere ‘दिनों में सबसे पहले दिन सोचो क्यों सोमवार बना क्योंकि शिव बना सबसे पहले फिर धरती फिर संसार बना’ This explains what relation everyone of us has to Lord Shiva. We are nothing but his creation.”

On asking about working with his better half Balraj adds,

“It’s always special to work with Deepti. She has got such an amazing voice and is so easy to work with. We understand each other well. I believe she understands music better than me; yet she listens to me and incorporates the feedback. She is very dedicated and honest towards her work. Kunaal is the music composer of the song and has also lent his voice to the song.”

Bhole also has this interesting video with only Lord Shiva’s graphics. On this Balraj says,

“We wanted to keep it that way, only Lord Shiva’s graphics and lyrical. This will help everyone see and listen to what we wanted to convey  to our viewers.”

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