Posted on July 25, 2023 at 5:03 am

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Shaan Mishra: As a teenager, everyone is confused about their career

Actor Shaan Mishra says that it’s natural to be confused about what to do in your life when you are in your teenage years. He adds that your choice of profession keeps evolving as the years pass.


Photo Courtesy Shaan Mishra Team
Photo Courtesy Shaan Mishra Team


“As a teenager everyone is confused about their career. It changes every time. There are very few teenagers who actually aspire to become something in their teenage era and become that later. But yes, there comes a saturation point in life but that comes only after a certain age. I have always thought of joining the Navy and then my parents wanted me to become an IAS/ IPS officer, go into law but I think God had different plans for me and I am an actor now. I was in Class 7th when I thought of always becoming an actor. I have always seen people enjoy acting so much. I got a chance to play a prince and once a moon. That was when I was praised a lot and then I decided to do acting. And in 11th, I started doing professional plays and also joined theatre. I also did international theatre with the United Kingdom, England,” he says.

Meanwhile, he says that he learned a lot during his theatre days.

“I have learned and enjoyed the most during my theatre days. I learned everything from backstage to acting to so many things. Some acts are ‘Tu Chanda Mein Aakash’, ‘Taj Mahal Ka Tender’, ‘Charandas Ka Foolwala’, ‘Two Mins’ and so many more. These were the hardcore days of my learning. My parents did not accept this because my parents are very educated and were keen to make me keep studying more. But slowly, they understood and they thought maybe, yes, I can do it. They weren’t sure but later on they did support me,” he says.

In the initial stage of your career the right opportunities matter a lot, says Shaan, adding that he has been lucky enough to have got the right opportunities.

“I was looking for a place to live and a job when I came to Mumbai on March 21st during the lockdown. I was the only resident of the building. Being alone and learning so much was a worthwhile experience. I’ve been lucky to get work and now be a part of two of today’s most significant shows and it is all because of my consistent effort,” he says.

Talking about the industry, he says,

“The acting profession is competitive and filled with insecurities. But the only thing you should know is to make balance. And I have been working since the time I got my first break by God’s grace. I always run behind work which is why I feel work is always with me. And, I have never felt insecure about anything.”

Ask him what he would like to advise budding actors, and he says,

“I would always recommend them to be honest, nice and kind with everyone and especially with their work. Always be dedicated to your work. And not be choosy if you’re here to work because it’s always luck by chance.”

He adds,

“Now OTT has come and so many new artists come to become actors. This struggle is never ending. I would always say to never run from work. It is difficult to have stability in life but I would say that nothing is impossible and we should keep trying.”

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