Posted on July 26, 2023 at 2:27 am

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Rupali Ganguly highlights excessive garbage on the streets of Mumbai

In a noteworthy act of environmental concern, Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress of Star Plus’ iconic show  ‘Anupamaa,’ has taken to social media to highlight the issue of excessive garbage on the roads. The popular actress, known for her portrayal of Anupama, called on people to recognize the staggering amount of waste littering the streets.


Photo Courtesy Rupali Ganguly Team
Photo Courtesy Rupali Ganguly Team


During her commute to the set, Rupali was appalled by the sight of garbage heaps along the roadside. The actor never shied away from being vocal about various social causes, including animal welfare and environmental conservation. This time, she used social media to raise awareness about this pressing matter. In her social media post, Rupali shared a video of the heaps of garbage lying on the road. Like today, in the past as well, Rupali has urged people to take responsibility for their surroundings and stressed on the importance of keeping the environment clean for a healthier and better future.

Rupali Ganguly‘s proactive approach to pressing social and environmental issues exemplifies the power and responsibility a public figure possesses in promoting social change. It remains to be seen how her initiative will motivate others to make comparable efforts towards a cleaner and greener environment.

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