Posted on July 19, 2023 at 9:12 am

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Rooprashmi Sharma aka Shweta Dadhich, grieves the demise of her Nani and onscreen brother Nitesh Pandey

Rooprashmi Sharma was last seen playing the role of Amrita Rajput in the supernatural show ‘Pishachini‘. The actress has earlier charmed audiences with her performances in projects like Hero Gayab Mode On, Pishachini, Na Aana Is Des Laado and She is also known for the movie The Wife.


Photo Courtesy Rooprashmi Team
Photo Courtesy Rooprashmi Sharma Team


Rooprashmi quotes,

“My Nani and “Bulbul”, “Fondly used to call her” would always live in my heart and I am happy wherever she and Nitesh Ji are because now they have become my guardian, angel”.

“Our bond in real life was similar to our on-screen bond, he would care for me like a brother. He was a large hearted person and an immensely talented actor. His demise was a great loss to the film and TV industry”.

Photo Courtesy Rooprashmi Team
Photo Courtesy Rooprashmi Sharma Team

She further adds,

“I was prepared for my Nani’s death but not Nitesh Ji. It came as a complete shock and most disastrous thing. He was a guiding light while living also Nitesh Ji ‘s death was the most shocking thing that happened in my life because I spoke to him just one hour before he passed away, we have also spoken on the call about a painting he had made and we had made plans to meet, but now he is in a better place and guiding me from above”.

Lastly, she adds,

“Inspite of all these challenges, I am trying my best to focus on my health, my fitness and my work, because life has to go on. Also, never wait for the right moment to express and appreciate and be vocal about your feelings towards your loved ones”.

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