Posted on July 11, 2023 at 12:36 pm

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Rahul Sharma spills the beans on his new show Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana

Actor Rahul Sharma, who is part of the project Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana, says that he is sure the audience will enjoy the show. The actor adds that the story of the show was what motivated him to be part of the show.


Photo Courtesy Rahul Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Rahul Sharma Team


“The story of Kaisa Hain Yeh Rishta Anjana has great potential to become very popular. I am playing Rajat, who has a unique personality. When I think about the characters that have appeared in the past, it further intrigued me to take on this role and be part of the show. The story and the character provided me with the motivation to embark on this project. Particularly, Rajat is a highly intense individual. He possesses a profound seriousness, is introverted, and doesn’t readily express his emotions. As someone who easily gets angered and provoked, he is a genuine and responsible person. Due to his responsibilities, he sacrifices his own happiness,” he says.

Ask him if he was apprehensive about replacing Shaleen Malhotra in the show, and he says,

“It’s not about replacing Shaleen Malhotra; I admire his work and like him as a person. I feel a bit sad that things didn’t work out for him and he had to step back from the show, but that’s how the industry works sometimes. It’s not about replacing him, but rather a personal situation that occurred in his life. Due to those circumstances, he had to make that decision. It’s not that anything was not working out, but it was a practical situation that arose. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this role, but it’s important to clarify that I’m not replacing him as such, but rather stepping into the role that was originally intended for him.

Meanwhile, talking about projects that are close to him, he says,

“Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, Ek Ghar Banaunga, Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi, Mitegi Laxman Rekha, and Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala were all prominent characters for me. I enjoy being the happy-go-lucky guy on screen, playing romantic roles to show the world the beauty of love, while also saving the day and doing lots of heroic stuff. I truly love portraying such characters because they bring immense happiness and allow me to spread positivity and goodness. Through these characters, people can idealize and aspire to be like them, inspiring many youngsters. I think that’s why these characters are the best to do.”

However, this role is different, he says,

“I have played various roles in the past, but none of them have been as serious as the one in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya. It was a completely different character, someone who is alive, responsible, and has made significant sacrifices in their life. I have never portrayed an introverted character in my previous shows, so this role brings a new level of intensity and a unique aura and personality. It will be a refreshing change for both myself and the audience, as they will see me in a different light on the screen. Exploring this genre and diving into this character will be a great opportunity for me, and I believe my audience will enjoy it. So far, I have been fortunate enough to have received opportunities to play good characters in shows that carry meaningful messages.”

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