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Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’s Sumati Singh opens up about going through nose surgery after devastating incident

Actress Sumati Singh, who is known for her roles in shows such as ‘Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop’ and ‘Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby’, is now perfectly cutting the arc with her acting as ‘Kirti’ in the daily soap ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se.’ Apart from bagging such a pivotal role for herself, the actress once had to struggle for even a small role on TV. She has come a long way, and with her hard work and nuanced acting skills, she has made a strong stand in the television industry, and now she is a household name amongst the television audience for her several characters.


Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team
Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team


Her success has not come so easily; it was full of hurdles, and in an exclusive interview with the “Times Of India,” she revealed that she had met an unfortunate accident in the past that led to her nose getting broken and her going through painful surgeries twice. She also opened up about all the things she had to face due to the accident and how she coped with the situation.

This incident happened with her back in 2021, while the actress was doing a Star Bharat show, Amma Ke Babu Ke Baby, and talking about how the incident took place, she says,

“One day after wrapping up my shoot, I went for a jog with one my co-actress friend, and there was construction going on in my area, and I still don’t know what exactly happened with me that my legs got entangled in a concrete material, due to which I fell on my face and I hit on the big slabs used for making roads and dividers. And the left side of my nose was totally broken, and the right side of the nose’s bone was displaced, so I started bleeding.”

Her co-star friend got panicked, and they both rushed to the hospital. She also recalls the time when she felt something wrong had happened to her, to which she says,

“We rushed to a nearby hospital’s emergency department, and they first stopped my bleeding, then they did the x-ray, and in that, it was showing that my bones inside my nose have broken into many small pieces, so the doctors told me to go for surgery otherwise this is not going to cure, and it was shocking for me because at that moment, I was doing the show, which was on air, and it shocked me from the heart and mind.”

She also opens up about visiting more doctors to get cured without surgery, but the actress says,

“Everyone was not fully sure about curing it without any surgery, and the only way left to get my broken nose fully cured was to get a surgery done, and till that time my face was fully swollen and I was looking way different.” Sumati was not left with options, and she went through surgeries, and it was the most depressing incident of her life.

Talking about how deeply it affected her and how she overcame that situation, Sumati says,

“Every morning I used to hide in a bathroom and cry for 10-15 minutes because my whole face was changed and I looked very weird.”

The actress went through the surgeries in March 2021, and after the operations, her nose was almost the same as it used to be before the accident. Talking about her situation after the surgery, she shares,

“I was not able to eat or drink anything properly; my face was swollen up, and there were a lot of marks on my face and nose after 10 days of the removal of the cap.”

She recalls getting an offer from the show in less than a month after the accident. She says,

“I used to do my own make-up, take care of myself, do icing, and then give a shot. I used to take a bucket full of ice to my hotel room and do the icing of my face for the whole week to get rid of swelling.”


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