Posted on July 5, 2023 at 7:55 am

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Jiya Shankar shines in ‘captaincy task’, gives befitting reply to Bebika’s provocation

Jiya Shankar has so far emerged as one of the strongest and most popular contenders of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Right from facing groupism to people ganging up against her, she has emerged as a queen and has left all her fears behind. In today’s captaincy task, we saw Jiya roaring like a lioness when Bebika tried to provoke her.


Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Team
Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Team


We all know, that retaining captaincy in the Bigg Boss house is very difficult. We all have seen in the previous episodes that how captaincy has been snatched from Jad and Abhishek. Although, being on a better pedestal, captaincy comes with it’s own pro’s and cons. Jiya was asked to sit on the throne and the housemates were asked to torture her for three hours until she gives up.

But Jiya very fiercly sustained and challenged Bebika who was provoking her. Jiya gave a befitting reply saying that “Kisimein dum hai toh mujhe hila ke dikhao“. Even Abhishek Malhan gave up after a point saying that “Mujhe toh laga tha bohot jaldi nikal jayegi. Pata nahi maine toh kya kya dala lal mirch, pepper, burnol cream, after shave, ande, protein. Aab woh deserve karti hai captain rhena”. (I thought she’ll be out soon. I put Red chilly powder, pepper, burnol cream, after shave, eggs, protein on her. No she deserves to remain as a captain)

We are really enamoured by the strength showcased by the Ved actress, many already see her in the Top 2!

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