Posted on July 26, 2023 at 2:48 am

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Jay Soni encourages people to embrace compassion in their daily lives, does the same through heartfelt encounter with auto driver

Actor Jay Soni, known for his portrayal of Abhinav in the popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus, has captured the affection of viewers with his stellar performance. However, it was off-screen when Jay Soni touched on his recent heart-to-heart encounter during his commute to the shoot.


Photo Courtesy Jay Soni Team
Photo Courtesy Jay Soni Team


While en route to the set, the actor traveled by auto-rickshaw due to his car’s battery being affected by the recent rains. During the journey, Jay struck up a casual conversation with the auto driver, who introduced himself as Panch Dev.

During the route, Jay requested to be taken towards the East, to which Panch Dev humbly asked for guidance, admitting he was unfamiliar with the way. This innocent interaction took a poignant turn when Jay inquired why the driver chose to drive an auto.

Jay shared,

“Panch Dev revealed to me that he was driving an auto not out of choice but out of necessity. At the age of 67, he had recently married off his two daughters and now needed to ensure financial stability for himself and his family. Despite his age and the challenges he faced, Panch Dev was determined to work diligently to make ends meet”.

The encounter left a profound impact on Jay Soni, who later shared a heartfelt message with his audience.

” We often overlook the struggles and responsibilities others carry while we go about our lives. We often yell at auto drivers for not driving safely or get frustrated without considering their hardship and struggle in life”.

He urged everyone to show empathy and understanding towards those who work hard to support their families, even if it means facing challenging circumstances.

The actor’s message serves as a powerful reminder to be kinder and more compassionate towards others, regardless of their occupation or social status.

In a world where societal pressures and personal challenges can often go unnoticed, Jay Soni’s encounter with Panch Dev serves as a poignant lesson in empathy and a call for people to embrace compassion in their daily lives.

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