Posted on July 19, 2023 at 4:37 am

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Imlie’s Shaan Mishra on nepotism and whether it still has a strong impact

Even though the web as a new medium has opened up new doors and a number of channels/platforms are coming up, finding the right work opportunity is still quite a task. There is a huge competition and often an actor is swamped with offers while others aren’t. The Imlie actor Shaan Mishra shares his experience.


Photo Courtesy Shaan Mishra Team
Photo Courtesy Shaan Mishra Team


“Finding the right work opportunity is a task for sure because there are so many platforms, production houses and mediums and along with that the population of actors and artists is increasing day by day. From every house, some or the other person wants to become a good artist. They want to come to the city of dreams and try their luck and show their talent. It is difficult to get work at the right time and be at the right place so that people know you. It requires a lot of hard work and input,” he says.

If one refuses an opportunity, there are 10 other actors willing to take it up.

“In this city, everyone is in search of work and those who are already working try not to lose the opportunity. If you continuously lose the opportunities that knock at your door, you won’t get that place which you want in this industry. Along with luck, your personal equation, references and how you are on set, everything matters. If your manners aren’t good on set, you would not be taken for other projects and people would avoid you. I have seen that the people who are not good at their craft and are born with a silver spoon, they get work easily. However it doesn’t work for long. People who are undeserving, when they get a chance, it feels bad as those who are better think why we aren’t getting work. Nepotism will always be there,” he adds.

References and personal equations do help besides merit. There has been quite a debate around it. While many feel that it is a natural progression of things and is similar to any other industry, others opine that this has often created barriers for talent to progress forward.

“In this industry there is casting couch and there is a power game that goes on a bigger level. This is all a lobbying thing. If you aren’t associated with a circle, people won’t ask you. Star kids are always given preference but now audiences even get it and they see the craft and acting and not the actors. Today everyone sees how good an actor is in his craft and what mark you leave behind. These days, we see a lot of new actors who are finding their place in the industry,” he ends.

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