Posted on July 3, 2023 at 8:54 am

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Fahmaan Khan’s win at Star Eminence Awards becomes one of the highlights of the show

As their name suggests, Star Eminence Awards was truly an evening filled with appreciating some of the great talents of the entertainment industry and was indeed a star studded one.


Photo Courtesy Fahmaan Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Fahmaan Khan Team


Amongst everything else, one of the major highlights of the event was the grand entry of everyone’s beloved Fahmaan Khan. The actor walked the red carpet donning a classy black tux with a black bow which added to the charm of the look.

Actor Fahmaan Khan, who’s popularly known portraying some great characters in shows such as Imlie and in the currently buzzing television show, Dharampatnii won an award titled Best Actor in a Landmark role for his latest television show.

The award title indeed speaks a lot about Fahmaan’s nuanced acting skills and that he is the best when it comes to delivering top quality acting performances.

The Star Eminence Awards night was also graced by some of the finest talents from the industry such as Adnan Khan, Aditi Dev Sharma, Vishal Singh and so on.

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