Posted on July 1, 2023 at 6:35 am

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Aishwarya Sakhuja commends heightened empathy towards animals during monsoons

In a heartwarming revelation, popular actress Aishwarya Sakhuja, known for her vocal advocacy of animal welfare, has highlighted the increased empathy shown towards animals during the monsoon season. Aishwarya expressed her admiration for the compassionate actions taken by people as they provide shelter to stray dogs seeking refuge in building compounds.


Photo Courtesy Aishwarya Sakhuja Team
Photo Courtesy Aishwarya Sakhuja Team


Aishwarya Sakhuja, an ardent animal lover, noticed the positive change in people’s behaviour during this period. Sharing her thoughts, Aishwarya remarked,

“During monsoons, I think people become a lot more empathetic towards animals at this point. I like how people provide shelter to stray dogs that come and just sit in the building compound.”

” I believe during this season of rain and storms, the shared vulnerability of both humans and animals becomes more apparent. The challenges faced by stray dogs seeking shelter mirror the struggles that people themselves encounter during the monsoons. I am glad people extend a helping hand and open their hearts to these innocent creatures”.

Aishwarya concluded. It’s great to see her words shed light on the compassion and benevolence displayed by individuals who go the extra mile to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable creatures.

Aishwarya Sakhuja‘s acknowledgment of the compassionate actions taken during monsoons shines a light on the transformative power of empathy while urging society to continue prioritizing the welfare of animals throughout the year.

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