Posted on June 16, 2023 at 7:26 am

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Yash Patnaik’s Baazi Ishq Ki actor Puneett Chouksey opens up

Puneett Chouksey plays the role of Ekansh Agnivanshi in Baazi Ishq Ki, produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik. The actor shares that there is no similarity between him and his onscreen avatar.


Photo Courtesy Puneett Chouksey Team
Photo Courtesy Puneett Chouksey Team


“That’s why I relate to it somewhat but not totally. I like this character as it has so many shades and the combination is coming out very nicely. I am loving it. I always look forward to doing such characters, as an actor it is very satisfying,” he says.

Baazi Ishq Ki has added a new feather in his cap.

“It’s going really nice and I am happy with the response around the show. People are enjoying it and appreciating our work. The show is working out really nice for me,” he smiles.

Puneett adds that it is always a pleasure to work with the Patnaiks.

“It’s my third show with Yash sir and Mamta ma’am. We have been looking forward to working together again after Naagarjuna but I was busy with other projects, so could not take it up. Through Bazi Ishq Ki,  I got this opportunity once again as they chose me for it.  I am really grateful for their love and trust in me. I just want to thank them and wish them all the very best for their future projects,” he says.

The actor has always got compliments for his appearance. Ask him if good looks mean half the battle is won and he replies,

“I appreciate it, but only good looks don’t work. It’s probably a plus and not everything. Your screen presence and the way you’re acting also matters a lot. Good looks are just a part of it. You can see a lot of good-looking people around but most of them are not good actors.”

The entertainment industry has evolved over the years. Puneett too has been witness to some of the changes.

“Change is the only constant and it’s inevitable. Today it’s difficult to grab the audiences’ attention as there is so much content available everywhere. That’s why we have to innovate, experiment and try doing different things to keep them entertained. And, it’s a tough task to capture the viewer’s interest,” he says.

Do you think OTT has given tough competition to television?

“Yes, and we can see the whole TV industry’s TRP is dropping. OTT has changed the game and now people are more inclined to watching content in the new space. On OTT you get a lot of time to make as well as watch series’ but on television, you have to shoot new episodes every day, so it’s difficult for TV to compete with OTT. Plus the audiences’ expectation has also gone up. Still we have a dedicated TV audience, which still is much more than the OTT. But I do agree television is trying hard to be there and hopefully, it will be successful,” he adds.

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