Posted on June 5, 2023 at 2:48 am

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Sneha Jain shares her struggle story

Known for her acting prowess and choice of characters, Sneha Jain has made a name for herself in the Indian television industry. The Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 actor started quite early. While she started auditioning after she finished class 10, things took a serious turn after she graduated.

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“And, I soon started getting small roles. I did a Barry John’s acting certificate course and after that I did theatre to learn the craft better. I also wanted to prepare myself to be able to pull off characters and perform to impress the audiences. These roles I got that required me for a day or two gave me the start. In the beginning, I didn’t get many dialogues as I used to get the roles of friends or passers-by. That’s how I came into TV. I have faced a lot of struggle. I used to get Rs 2000 a day and shared a room with 4-5 girls. I don’t regret those days as they have taught me a lot. I am still struggling, I feel in our industry it is an endless struggle,” she says.

Sneha has no plans to stop and wants to continue working. She is determined to fulfil her dream of working in different mediums and doing a variety of characters.

“Once I was doing an episode of Cheekh with Homi Wadia, who is a very well known director and a Gujarati producer. He is known for his performance in theatre. He was producing this show where I played the character of a journalist and we were shooting in a Haveli. And, in the second half of the story, my character gets possessed by the devil. It was a difficult and challenging role where I cried seeing myself in the mirror. The day we were shooting the scene, Homi Wadia was on the set and saw me worried. He called up his writer and the writer narrated my point of view and told the director to help me. So, they told me to prepare the scene as we were shooting in the bungalow for three days. They gave me preparation time and told me that the next morning they would shoot my scene. I was so happy that in such a difficult time and being a newcomer they gave me the chance. When you know your dialogue, you can work on your moments and expressions. Omi sir said that I was going to be a very big star. Later I got Saath Nibhaana Saathiya and I called him to share the news. He always tells me that I was his star and that helped me a lot. I came home and kept everything he said in my mind and started working on it,” she adds.

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