Posted on June 1, 2023 at 4:42 am

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Mohit Malhotra opens up on his method of preparation for a role

Actor Mohit Malhotra is not one to go unprepared on the sets of a new show. The actor says that he has quite an elaborate process to understand his character.


Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team
Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team


“I always go to the backstory of where I started portraying a character. I try to figure out what his upbringing would have been, what his childhood would have been. What made him become what he is right now?  What kind of clothes he must be wearing, so that some of that imagination also comes in. And sometimes the makers give me references from the movies or the content that I’ve already watched. Sometimes, I make notes on it. If I’m given a script, first of all, I start making notes on everything that my character is saying and I try to figure out why he says certain things, what does he mean? And then, on another sheet of paper, I write about my character, what his upbringing would have been like, what led him to do what he’s doing, what is the motivation behind what he’s doing, is it something that happened in his childhood? So, I try to create those notes. When I write ideas start coming to me. and lots of things,” he says.

He adds,

“I think the most important thing is to be consistent in life. As long as you are honing your craft every single day, you’re learning. Learning even one new thing every single day about your craft is amazing. It’s the best thing you could do. I think for me, my focus is to just grow as an actor unless I’ve left it to faith.”

Talking about balancing his personal and professional life as an actor, he says,

“It’s not as difficult as it used to be earlier. I mean, I get time off for my personal work. I shoot about 20 days and I have 8 days to myself and the hours are also not that hectic anymore. So, I think it’s pretty good now. I mean, I don’t miss out on my training, regardless of my shoot. In between shoots, I get to read my books, which I love to do. So, I think I found the balance in the environment by getting used to it for about 12 or 13 years now already. I think I’ve found a balance for myself to live my personal life as well as my working life in an efficient manner.”

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