Posted on June 28, 2023 at 5:26 am

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Bebika Dhurve allegedly forced in spat once again with Jiya Shankar

Bebika Dhurve, who is known for her outstanding portrayal of Devika Oberoi in the famous daily soap Bhagya Lakshmi, has taken off on her reality show journey with India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss. The actress is currently locked inside BB’s OTT season 2 house and is grabbing a lot of attention with her power-packed appearance in the show.


Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team
Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team


As the show is known for its controversies, drama, and fights, no one can safely walk out of it as this all occurs in the house. Bebika is very silent, calm, and fun-loving, and this is known to all through her appearances in the media. While addressing the camera, her positive mindset resembles the fullest. But her quiet behaviour became a curse for her, as in previous episodes she got body shamed, and now in the recent episode,  Jiya Shankar was seen hurling abuse at Bebika.

This all started when housemates were given a task by Bigg Boss for which the teams were divided into two groups and were given a task of making soft toys and the hurdle started, but it ended up with team B winning the competition and having the special benefit of getting premium food items also, they will not be doing any household work and all the work will be done by team A, which also consisted of Bebika Dhurve and other house members, while team B included Jiya Shankar and the rest of them.

The spat between both members held while everyone was sitting in the living room, talking over the home duties. Jiya and Bebika got into a dispute. After Jiya used abuse and called Bebika an A*****e she also threatened Bebika not to abuse her in return, to which Pooja Bhatt, who was also sitting there, interrupted and asked them to calm down. Some housemates tried to also calm down Jiya.

This is not the first time Jiya and Bebika have argued. Earlier, in another episode, Jiya called Bebika ch***** and Cyrus warned her that her parents must be watching. But Jiya did not retain her and went on to abuse her three times. Bebika’s fans feel Jiya is constantly targeting Bebika and provoking her unnecessarily, which they feel is not at all appropriate because it will create a lot of chaos in the house by doing such unworthy things Jiya is only creating a mess.

More updates are expected to arrive shortly, so stay tuned.

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