Posted on June 5, 2023 at 4:42 am

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Ankit Siwach shares why he feels violence and brutality are seen in films and shows

There are talks about the brutality and violence being shown on screen, be it on OTT or films. Some examples would be Kashmir Files, Delhi Crime, Talwar, Bheed, The Kerala stories and so on. While some enjoy watching these stories, many don’t. Rishton Ka Chakravyuh actor Ankit Siwach on violence, action and crime subjects dominating the screen.


Photo Courtesy Ankit Siwach Team
Photo Courtesy Ankit Siwach Team


“I think violence and brutality are a part of our society and no matter how much we avoid facing the truth it’s everywhere. So, when we’re telling a story which revolves around such concepts it becomes important to show such brutality and violence. That’s only when the people will be able to believe and it will look more authentic rather than just leaving it to assumptions. So yes, I enjoy shows or films where they show such stories which are close to reality and not just for the sake of it.  As we all know that films, shows and plays hold a mirror to our society. Of course people get inspired by films and other stuff but majorly our films are the reflection of how our society is,” he says.

Ankit does not feel OTT is being dominated by content on violence, action and crime stories. At the same time, he also agrees that there is a certain section of the audience who enjoys this the most.

“I think this section is mostly dominated by the youth. We have big films like KGF, Pushpa, RRR or Pathaan, which are completely commercial and have a fair amount of action sequences and violence as they say and such films are mega blockbusters all over the world. The youth enjoys such stuff because it takes them away from reality to some other world. So it’s a good form of entertainment and we have our certification system where they say no children can go and watch these films. It’s a matter of choice if they want to go and watch a violent film or not,” he explains his viewpoint.

Talking more on how such stories take us to a different world altogether, he adds,

“Definitely its escapism, as I just said, such stories allow you to travel to some other world. And yes if a film is inspired by true events, it’s very important to balance it out. There have been films recently which have shown different concepts, very important stories and have divided audiences into two halves, one is in favour and other against it. I think it’s a very important duty of every filmmaker that if they’re touching upon a concept, which is based on true events, they should balance it out in a way that it only shows the part that is important rather than targeting a community or a country as a whole. It’s important to stick to the concept and those involved in the concept rather than generalising it and brainwashing people. One needs to act responsibly while making such films.”

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