Posted on June 1, 2023 at 4:18 am

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Ankit Siwach reveals the story behind his Shiva tattoo

Ankit Siwach’s famous Shiva tattoo has an interesting story behind it. He got inked suring Covid and has his reasons to do so. While his fans love this tattoo, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh actor reveals more about the journey of getting it.


Photo Courtesy Ankit Siwach Team
Photo Courtesy Ankit Siwach Team


“I have a Shiva Tattoo on the left side of my arm towards the shoulder. It has depictions of time, gravity, infinity and things to believe in. I’m a big bhakt of Shiv ji, how he controls the universe, and how everything is taken care of by him. He is everything,” he says.

Sharing what prompted him to get inked, the actor adds,

“Got this made during Covid. During those times I also was infected by the virus and had the most difficult time recovering. Once I got rid of it, I straight away went to this friend of mine, Chirag Jhala (owner of ‘Inks and Needles’ tattoo studio), who is the artist, and he designed this tattoo. It took us about 16 hours in one go and we did it. Usually tattoos like this take around 2 to 3 sittings to be completed but because of Covid, things were not okay in the market, so we decided to just sit on it early morning and complete it by night, and we did it.”

Being a firm believer of Lord Shiva, Ankit wanted to have a Shiva tattoo in his arm since childhood.

“I don’t know where the idea of getting a tattoo came to me but it was always there. So I thought that since it was Covid and there’s no work going on and I can take rest for 10 or 15 days, I decided to get it done. And I finally got it,” he says.

Tattoo culture is here to stay. Agreeing, he shares,

“The Shiva tattoo that I have on my shoulder is really beautiful. All thanks to the artist who has made this. It’s made with precision, right colours and good quality ink. It’s all about the artist’s hand who makes it. So whoever sees the tattoo is in awe of it and all the time I hear that it’s a beautiful work of art. So the credit goes to the artist.”

Is there any other tattoo in your wish list?

“At the moment, there’s nothing. But I would definitely look for an extension of the same tattoo that I have, maybe extend it towards my upper back, around my trap muscles. But not right now,” he replies.

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