Posted on June 1, 2023 at 3:37 am

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Adaa Khan on her career, social media and completing 14 years in the industry

Adaa Khan who was last seen in Naagin has evolved with time. She recently completed 14 years in the industry. She had not planned to become an actress but destiny gave her an opportunity. She has done prominent big shows like Naagin, Sitara, Amrit Manthan and reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi.


Photo Courtesy Adaa Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Adaa Khan Team


She says,

“I am blessed to get the right opportunities at the right time. My late mother has been a source of permanent mental strength. Her blessings are always with me”

On asking about competition she says,

“Its true competition is rampant but also there is an increase in the number and variety of platforms where one can find acting opportunities. Competition exists in every field, so why pinpoint only the entertainment industry”.

On being asked about the social media boom she says,

“Social media is a different world of its own. When you are doing a show you have more content to post. It is up to an individual what he or she wants to post as that reflects his or her personality. We must not forget social media is for us, we are not for social media. One must use it diligently.  Everyone should be careful in commenting on the post and not all comments can be taken seriously. One needs to ignore trolls at times as sometimes no reaction is the best, the best reaction. I am an active user of social media. I post what suits my personality. I recently went to turkey for a holiday so I shared pics with my audiences and fans. Social media is a good tool to connect with your fans”.

On being asked what kind of project she would like to do she says,

“I want to play a title role in a historical show. Our history is rich and historical shows do have a loyal audience too.”

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