Posted on May 6, 2023 at 11:11 am

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World Laughter Day 2023: Rajjo fame Pakkhi Hegde dubs Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker a perfect portrayal of an actor’s life

Pakkhi Hegde is well known for her remarkable acting stints in the Bhojpuri and Indian television industries. Throughout her journey into the acting industry, the actress has carved a niche for herself and attained enormous fame. She is widely known for her lead role as Madhumalti Pratap Thakur in the daily soap “Rajjo”.

The actress not only has a prominent name in the industry but can also grab the audience’s attention whenever she appears on the screen. As laughter day is around the corner, recently Pakkhi revealed what makes her feel happy and also the hidden reason behind being happy in front of the camera even though her personal life is facing hurdles.

Talking about how important laughter is for her, Pakkhi says,

“Laughter is the mantra to keep your mind cool and calm, so laughter is the best medicine. We have known for years that we even practise laughter in the early mornings to keep ourselves distressed.”

When asked about the people who make her feel happy whenever she’s surrounded by them, Pakkhi Hegde says,

“My family and my friends. When I get back home, when it’s just five family members together, there are some things that are very stupid and very funny. We keep cracking silly jokes. And when it’s with friends, it’s a very light moment; they are best at being humorous, so whenever we are together, we try cracking jokes.”

She adds,

“Even at work, in between my shots, I always like to crack jokes and keep my lovely staff around me happy. It’s like 24/7 work, so offset, we actually need to be very happy about what you are doing. So it’s all fun for me, and there are so many lovely off-set moments I have made.”

When asked about the things that make her work happily in front of the camera even after facing hindrances in her personal life, Pakkhi says,

“The audience deserves to be happy because they distress themselves by looking at us. If their favourite actor or actress is sad, that will make them the saddest, and being in the entertainment industry, we are here to bring smiles to other people’s faces, so it’s very important for an artist to be positive whenever he or she feels low. Because that’s something great.”

She continues,

“Even though you are not feeling happy at heart, you just shut that off and try to be happy. In the movie Mera Naam Joker, Raj Kapoor beautifully acted and dramatically showed how beautiful it is to be smiling all the time, and that is what he believed in: to smile and make others smile. Though you are sad at heart, you just have to get smiles on people’s faces.”

She concludes her talk Speaking about how spreading laughter makes her feel delighted and what makes her laugh, Pakkhi says,

“I am a very happy-go-lucky kind of person, and I enjoy the smallest things. Small tidbits really make me smile, so it’s beautiful to keep smiling. I end up laughing almost every day, and that is too loud, so people end up saying, “Just control your laughter; you are so loud. So I feel good that my laughter makes other people laugh.”

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