Posted on May 29, 2023 at 1:56 am

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Sneha Wagh: The current phase of my life is teaching me the art of balancing

Juggling between more than one project and performing for both of them with utmost perfection is surely an art that not everyone is well versed with. Amongst the few multi skilled performers, actress Sneha Wagh is one who is best known for her versatility. She is currently shooting for 2 shows; Na Umra Ki Seema Ho (Star Bharat) and upcoming Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan (Colors).


Photo Courtesy Sneha Wagh Team
Photo Courtesy Sneha Wagh Team


But shooting for 2 different projects simultaneously can be tricky; and finding a way through needs a hack!! Talking about juggling and more… Sneha says,

“I feel fortunate that I got this opportunity… Initially it took me time to fit in the new schedule. Both shows are very different, also there is a huge variegatedness in terms of the characters that I am playing. But, now I am enjoying it. With all the love pouring in; the efforts are worth it!! There’s a lot of experimentation that has gone behind and it’s an experience of a lifetime… The current phase of my life is teaching me the art of balancing. It’s Important to balance things in life!!”

Different characters and totally different feel; from the clips of both the shows, we’re rest assured that Sneha aces her game!

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