Posted on May 1, 2023 at 3:36 am

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Sneha Jain: Being a bread earner gives you more responsibility and you need to make compromises

All that glitters is definitely not gold. The showbiz industry may have the most good-looking and successful people but there is always a great struggle behind it. Actress Sneha Jain, who hails from Gujarat, has come a long way and she has seen a lot in her life. Right from facing financial struggles to living on the streets she has done it all.

Speaking about it she says,

“I remember when we used to live in Gujarat, there was a flood and we were staying on rent. We did not have the money to pay our rent and we had been delaying it for 3 months and we’re trying to arrange the money. We used to stay above the owner’s flat and one day the weather became so bad during the rain that it entirely destroyed our house and the roof went off. We asked the owner to repair it but they denied since we didn’t have the rent money. He didn’t help us and we were figuring out what to do. My sister and mom requested our neighbors to take care of us. We managed somehow and took another small home for rent. We literally didn’t have anything nor did we have money to buy food. There was one person, I don’t remember if he was a family friend but he told one of the shopkeepers whom he knew to provide us with food and grains. That was a very difficult phase for us.”

Speaking about her first-ever earnings Sneha says,

“It was during my college days when I did a small episode for a show called Gumrah. I was in 11th grade but then my family told me to focus on my studies. During my graduation time I started giving auditions and I started getting little roles and used to earn 2000-3000rs. Then when I turned 23 I started working.”

Sneha also faced a long struggle in the industry as an actor, she says,

“I have faced too many rejections and auditions. There were multiple situations where I wanted to give up because there was work and sometimes there wasn’t. My family told me to get a job as we need a particular amount monthly to run our house. They didn’t want me to be a part of this industry because there was too much investment in it. You need to have money for travelling then for makeup and there is a different requirement of clothes for every audition and you hardly have clothes. Then there are girls who are rich and there are people who wear amazing clothes and then seeing all of these you feel awkward.” Sneha who is in her 20’s has experienced a lot and believes money plays an important part in our life. She adds,”It’s very important. There are 5 of us in the family and we have two dogs. Me and my sister are running the house. When you have younger siblings going to college then money plays an important part. I don’t give too much importance to money but yes it’s important for my family. What is good and necessary for my family is an important thing for me. Being a bread earner gives you more responsibility and you need to make compromises. Since my childhood I have seen a lot so you become quite mature and you learn to take responsibility in life.”

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