Posted on May 31, 2023 at 6:51 am

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Shivya Pathania gives it back to trollers trolling her for wearing a bikini on Maldives vacation

Shivya Pathania is very well known for her nuanced portrayal of mythical characters in TV shows, through which she has made a special place in the hearts of the audience. Not only this, but the actress is also widely known as the divine beauty of Indian television.


Photo Courtesy Shivya Pathania Team
Photo Courtesy Shivya Pathania Team


The actress, who is a self-made star, never misses any chance to grab the viewer’s attention towards her, and from TV to embarking into OTT, she has established herself with incredible skills in acting, and Shivya’s popular role as Baal Shiv‘s Parvati has won a lot of accolades for her. Apart from this, what has recently been making her the talk of the town are her newly uploaded Instagram posts.

A few days ago, Shivya uploaded some super hot images in a red bikini, which made all her fans stop and stare at the pristine appearance of the actress, which they had all never witnessed before. As she has portrayed Sita’s role with pure grace and perfection, which has made her so strong in the viewer’s minds that they still look up to her in that way itself, she faced a huge backlash after uploading such hot pictures on the internet. But, recently, she opened up her heart about all the unnecessary trolling against her after posting pictures in a bikini. She clarified everything in an exclusive interview with the Times of India.

Talking about the trolling and shaming she faced after uploading her picture in a bikini, she says,

“I have been acting for several years now and people have connected with me for the characters I have portrayed. However, apart from that, I am a girl with a unique style of dressing and since a young age, I have been fond of dressing up. When I uploaded pictures in a bikini, I was inundated with hateful comments along with positive feedback. People told me not to wear this and were policing me on what I should wear. Isn’t it normal to wear a bikini on the beach? While I respect everyone’s opinion, I want to reiterate that my attire doesn’t define me. So, I had to put out a message. I am grateful to my supporters, who came to my defence.”

She adds,

“My social media is a peek into my real life, and I will continue to inform my followers of what I do and like. Of course, without hurting sentiments.”

Ask if she is faced with such massive trolling on social media also because of playing mythological roles, to which Shivya responds,

“I have been equally loved for the mythological characters I’ve played and also other characters from shows like Humsafars, Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka and the web show Shoorveer.”

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