Posted on May 21, 2023 at 3:36 am

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Mohit Malhotra: I remember coming to Mumbai with no plans in place

Actor Mohit Malhotra has had a long and gruelling struggle in Mumbai but the actor has made quite a place for himself in the industry. He says that you need to be consistent, and you will definitely win at the end.


Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team
Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team


“I started with a reality show called Splitsvilla 2 which got really popular and I got really popular with it. I think that’s how the whole journey of me being an actor and my journey of television started. Of course, everybody has struggles. I remember coming to Mumbai with no plans of how I’m going to make a place for myself here. I didn’t know what the process was for these auditions, or where to contact these people. I think I found my way by cold-calling people. I think one thing led to another, and that’s how it started. And then realizing like anything is possible as long as you take action. So as long as you get out of the house and start meeting people, one thing will lead to another and then you’ll start connecting dots,” he says.

Ask him what has been his most challenging role to portray on television, and he says,

“The most challenging role that I portrayed was in Chupke Chupke. It was a comedy show and I loved every bit of it, but it was very challenging because I had not done comedy before. However, I enjoyed every bit of it, I think pushing boundaries is when you realise your true potential. And I think that’s about it. So, whatever you think you can’t do, you definitely should do. I really push myself and I’ve learned a lot of things in this process.”

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