Posted on May 2, 2023 at 9:40 am

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Madalsa Sharma reveals her love for Harry Potter this International Harry Potter Day!

It’s International Harry Potter Day (May 2) today and potterheads across the globe are celebrating their favourite wizard and his friends. Anupamaa actor Madalsa Sharma is fond of this series by JK Rowling.

“I’m a big Harry Potter fan! From the books to all the films I’ve watched them all. As a child I used to wait eagerly for the next part to release,” she smiles.

The best part about Harry Potter is the friendship shown between Harry, Hermione and Ron and of course Quidditch, shares the actor.

“As a kid how much I used to fantasise playing Quidditch with my friends. All the magic tricks are so fascinating and the way Harry and Voldemort have their massive fight sequences towards the end of the series is truly incredible,” she says.

Madalsa praises the author for creating such a beautiful imaginative world.

“Though it’s a world of imagination, yet to even imagine if there was Hogwarts in real life where magic is being taught gave all Harry Potter fans a kick. I have visited the Harry Potter world at Los Angeles Universal Studios, and oh my! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed every second being there. Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan,” she ends.

Photo Courtesy Madalsa Sharma Team
Photo Courtesy Madalsa Sharma Team
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