Posted on May 19, 2023 at 2:55 am

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Karanvir Sharma’s extraordinary and multi-talented journey in the industry

Actor Karanvir Sharma has been winning the hearts of his fans over the time with his impeccable acting , he is no doubt one of the most loved actors in terms of action series and movies. He yet again proved himself in his recent series ‘Hunter’ with his power-packed performance and proved to be an extraordinary and multi-talented actor.

Karanvir qoutes,

“The biggest thing as an actor, you should do/ have is ‘perseverance’ – that’s what it takes to survive in this industry. And, especially being an outsider in this industry, one thing I have learnt is that along with perseverance, you need a lot of patience, also you have to be ready for any opportunity that comes to you any given time. More than that what you can follow is, to be on time to the sets, keep your work at the most escalated  level of importance in your life.  Be humble, nice and a good human too. Compassion goes a long way.”

He further adds,

“as an actor, I believe that you know it’s the role that excites you more. You can’t really choose between the mediums, but if I have to choose I think I will choose everything be it Movies, web Series, TV or Television commercials and even theatre and broadways. I don’t want to limit myself.”

While winding up the conversation he says,

“I have received recognition in these last few years and that’s because of my hard work and I would also like to thank my fans too, I am indebted to each and everyone. People who supported me and also the ones who didn’t.”

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