Posted on May 3, 2023 at 9:39 am

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Ishita Dutta opens up on learning new things in a new phase of her life

Women are always juggling their multiple roles. Many think that post conceiving a child women should prioritise being a mother over anything else. However, a lot of mothers today don’t give up to the society and continue following their dreams. Over the years we have seen celebrities who worked through their pregnancies highlighting the crucial aspects of what women go through being true inspiration for all the women out there.

Actor Ishita Dutta is currently basking in the glow of her babymoon phase. The diva has been priortizing her health! But there are lot of factors involved in a woman’s pregnancy including her health! Ishita being in her third trimester recently revealed the challenges she faces and how women should be more vocal about their needs during this time.

Ishita Dutta said,

“I am taking a lot of care about my health in terms of fitness. I have currently involved yoga, walking, taking prenatal classes in my daily routine. I have been trying to read more and gain more knowledge about health care related to pregnancy. And there are so many aspects to it except the good things which we i feel we don’t discuss normally”.

She further added,

“During this time one goes through phases of being happy to sad, to being upset and people have this perception of women should be happy during this time no matter what! But it shouldn’t work like that instead one should initiate the conversation and tell her to talk it out rather suppressing her emotions just to be happy! Because end of the day these are human emotions you cannot switch it on and off as per your convenience so this is an important aspect I would  really want to highlight about pregnancies!”.

On the professional front, Ishita was last seen in Drishyam 2 alongside Ajay Devgn. Her performance received lot of appreciation and accolades for the same. She also has some incredible projects lined up which will be announced soon.

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