Posted on May 24, 2023 at 7:27 am

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Hansa Singh opens up on her good friend Aditya Singh Rajput’s demise

The sudden demise of 32-year-old Aditya Singh Rajput is yet another shock for the industry. He was found dead in his Andheri residence on May 22. His close friend, actor Hansa Singh too could not believe the news when she came to know about it. In fact, he attended her birthday party sometime back.


Photo Courtesy Hansa Singh Team
Photo Courtesy Hansa Singh Team


“Gone too soon, my buddy, dost. YAARON ka yaar… (pauses) He was always encouraging, always used to making us feel that we are the best. Such amazing aura and energy he had. Still can’t believe how this happened all of a sudden and that I am talking about him in the past tense. Addu .. you went too soon. We had a little misunderstanding as it happens with friends. Even then when I was throwing my first ever birthday bash, I wanted him to attend. And he immediately accepted the invitation. Trust me when he showed up, we hugged like nothing happened. I had tears in my eyes on my birthday as my buddy was there on my special day. The reason for the misunderstanding is too personal to be disclosed now. In friendships, misunderstandings happen when you have a lot of common friends. I want to remember him as someone who partied with me till late on my birthday in March as if there is no tomorrow. We clicked photos and made videos. I didn’t know it would be my last birthday. I rushed to his home today but he was taken to the hospital so I couldn’t see him. When such a young person dies it is unnerving,” she says.

Hansa sounds emotional.

“He was a young man gone too soon. O God, I still can’t believe this, can’t control my tears. God knows how his mom will get through this. May God give her enough strength. I have no words.. Om Shanti,” she continues, “You will be terribly missed Addu.”

Their friendship goes back a few years.

“We met at a common friend’s birthday party around 2015. I have known him since 2016. And he may be a people’s person but very selective about whom he would be close to. We had that bonding and could talk about anything under the sun. Winning trust and having that binding is very rare in today’s time. As he was also in casting apart from being an actor, he would help wherever he could for work. Personally the bond we had was like no judgement at all.  We could talk till late at night. And wherever we left we began there the next time we met, which is even after months. Especially during covid, we would connect over calls, video calls and chat and be supportive. You don’t find friends like him these days,” she sighs

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