Posted on April 7, 2023 at 4:11 am

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World Health Day: Celebs on why we should prioritize our well being

We all know the importance of the saying ‘Health is wealth’. The unprecedented times of Covid only made us realise it all the more. World Health Day on April 7 not just creates awareness around global health, but also highlights topics/ailments that have been a point of concern.


Monika Singh

I believe not only physical but mental health is important too. So I start my day with yoga and cardio. At first, I used to feel looking good is important in the industry so I used to work on my body, but one needs to be mentally fit to successfully ride this roller coaster. Yoga gave me everything and trust me I suggest yoga should be a subject in school too. It’s just mandatory I believe. Start your day with yoga and don’t eat junk on a regular basis. It should be a subject for students and everyone should adapt to yoga as it keeps mental and physical health aligned. Jab jago tabhi savera.

Charrul Malik

I try to exercise at least five days a week. And I have been following this regime for five years or more. Before that I used to do walking and jogging. I think health is not just external, but internal as well. So I try to remain stress-free as much as I can because people fall sick mentally faster than physically and I think that’s the prime reason that affects our immunity and metabolism.  If our thoughts are negative it affects our health. I don’t set high goals and try to follow a simple routine. The more you stress about living a healthy life the more you’ll be stressed about achieving it. Try to set small goals and different things and exercises, so that you don’t get bored too.  The more you stay happy and keep toxic people out of your life, the healthier you will be. Keep positive company, and stay away from people who give you negative thoughts. I do different kinds of exercises every day, one day cardio, one day functional, the other day yoga, then back and shoulder, so that my routine is not monotonous. I go for walks in the park with my pet Della, it’s our me-time. Be consistent, regular and be practical. Don’t set any goals because if you set goals and take it as a task it becomes stressful. Don’t copy anyone and do what suits your body. Yes, we are hyping a lot these days about exercise and healthy lifestyle. I think rather than hyping on social media, we should detach ourselves from the phone while working out. These are small things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I think one of the habits that have made the biggest difference in my life is turning vegetarian. This happened more than a decade and a half ago. So, I’ve been a vegetarian for a very major part of my life anyway. My ability to be able to exercise whenever I can, and a little bit of pranayam before I sleep and once I wake up do wonders. I liked all these healthy practices because they have helped my system, my gut health and mental health, and overall, the whole physical existence becomes so much better by doing these very basic things in life. To take care of your health, I think the two most important keys are obviously eating the right food or the right amount of food and at the right time. Second is getting good sleep, which is absolutely imperative if you want to be healthy. It has become sort of like a fashion to talk about health and healthy habits and exercising and all of that. A lot of people talk about such things on a regular basis, but there are very few I believe who practice it to the T or practice the whole regime with absolute honesty. I guess we just need internal discipline or mental discipline to be able to execute that. And so yes, it all begins in the head. If we become a little more disciplined, we can definitely lead a healthy lifestyle.

Aniruddh Dave

Our mental, spiritual and physical health is of utmost importance. All of the three should be given equal value, if you are mentally and spiritually healthy, it will automatically improve your physical health. Yoga helps to keep your mind at peace and calm you. Workout should be done but one should not exhaust their body, walking and jogging in a greener surrounding amid nature can help you inhale oxygen, which is more important. Cut off toxic people from life and focus on a healthy lifestyle and goals. Kismat kharab ho, lifestyle kharab ho, toh Oot par baithe insaan ko bhi Kutta kaat le. Adapt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and give away temptations of oily food and sugary items.

Rishina Kandhari

The first and most important healthy practice that I do is I finish my dinner by 7 pm and don’t eat anything after that till 7.30 am in the morning. Also, I eat healthy in small portions, and I eat in intervals. Like every three-four hours you’ll see me eating. Our healthy bodies are made in the kitchen, and not in the gym, so you have to practice eating healthy and not junk. Once in a while, cheat meals are fine, but not always. And yes, I do work out. I had been doing Pilates and really liked it as it worked wonders, even better than going to the gym and working with weights. It has helped me a lot. And I do listen to a lot of bhajans in the morning as I am very spiritual. I do a little bit of meditation to calm myself. I begin my day with that and it keeps me happy and relaxed the whole day. I believe in practicing what I preach. All of the things which I have just said I do execute them in my daily routine and the result is in front of you all. People keep asking me how I am so fit? How is my skin so good? It is all because I am very dedicated and disciplined in my daily life.

Rahul Bhatia

In our busy life, we tend to forget about our health and it takes the backseat. But health should be given priority. For me, physical and mental health equally matter. For physical health, I believe in exercising and for mental health, doing yoga and meditation. I have faced several bouts of depression and meditation actually helped me to come out of it. The priority you give to your physical health, should also be given to our mental health.

Gaurav Singh

Meditation, fixing the sleep cycle, eating more fruits, veggies and power naps are some healthy practices that worked wonders for me. I start my day with meditation for at least 10 min. In the morning, fix your waking up time no matter when you sleep. We talk a lot about health but it’s difficult to execute. I agree and consistency is the key. Keep your health on top of your priority list. Anything can be achieved in this world only with good health. Count it as your real wealth.

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