Posted on April 30, 2023 at 1:32 am

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Sneha Jain reveals being propositioned!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas opening up about being bullied in Bollywood, pushed in the corner and not getting work opened up a can of worms. The star’s revelation started many conversations and raised questions as well as concern around the much-loved Hindi film industry. Among the topics it opened up is casting couch as well. Actor Sneha Jain shares her viewpoint and experience.

“Casting couch exists in every industry. The entertainment industry is highlighted because people have more access to it. You don’t know what is going on in one’s office as you know only that much that you have heard. Here every day you get so many updates about actors. I have a few friends in commercials and my sister who is an architect, so I know it’s a part of every industry where you have to do some things to reach somewhere. There are people who offer such bulls*&% things. Here social media plays a big part so things in the industry are always open to the public,” she says.

A lot of people fall prey to the casting couch scenario because of less opportunities and more competition.

“Yes I have experienced it. One of the casting agents offered me a movie and was ready to give the signing amount and agreement as soon as I said yes. He said I would have to go and meet the director and producer in the hotel. The whole process will start after I sign an agreement and receive the signing amount and then once I get it, I just have to compromise and then the deal is done. I just said no as I am not mentally ready for all these things. I don’t want to build my career over such things because I am very clear that I am talented and hardworking and I believe in my ability. The performance of an actor is what matters and not other services. I don’t believe in shortcuts but in working harder to achieve everything in life,” she adds.

Struggle in the entertainment industry is never-ending. Waiting for the right opportunities often affects a person on an emotional level.

“Struggle is too hard and I am struggling so much even now. There is no end to it in this industry. Sometimes you get the opportunity but you are not willing to grab that because you think this is not the right opportunity for you. Sometimes you want some things where you wait for good opportunities but it doesn’t knock at your doorstep soon enough. If you are not satisfied with your growth and career then you get mentally disturbed and depressed. You start doubting yourself and that is one of the worst things that you do to yourself. Whenever you open Instagram or TV or talk to people, you see everyone doing good projects and moving ahead in life. You see every other person showing the good part on Instagram and this makes you feel bad about yourself. This makes you mentally ill. I have seen some artists training themselves everyday and being part of theatre groups and learning dance and working on their speech. They are doing everything from their end to get the right opportunity but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. It might be luck. I have seen people not doing anything but they keep on getting good work. Maybe they are at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people. It’s a pressure on individuals sometimes to go and meet. It’s a pressure to attend the parties even when you don’t want to and being on social media too. It’s a never ending process,” she explains.

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