Posted on April 10, 2023 at 3:25 am

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Sheeba Akashdeep on the challenges in being part of the industry

Making a place for yourself in the industry is not so easy, says actress Sheeba Akashdeep, adding that many people end up getting close to the wrong people in order to get a break. The actress says that it’s important to not give up here.

“Getting a break in Bollywood is hard. And there is a lot of pressure on youngsters. There are so many people who come, trying to break into the industry, and get caught with the wrong people and then have bad experiences. So yes, it’s a very hard world. Not really reassuring, because some people can and some people cannot and frankly, it’s just best to do your work and move on not only in Bollywood, I think in life,” she says.

She adds,

“Consistent work in any platform is what gives you stability. As far as TV is concerned, you are stable only until your show is on air. So, people tend to forget you, the minute your show goes off air, people tend to forget who the characters were in that particular show. And the issue with television, I feel, is that people don’t really know names of actors. In a TV show, people really don’t know that people know TV actors by their real names. So, stability-wise, just consistent work in every medium is what gives you stability.”

A lot of modern actors turn to production, even while their acting careers are flourishing. And that is quite natural, says Sheeba.

“Turning to production is something which is a precedent set by Hollywood as well. An A-list actor get a percentage of the production and that eases the burden on the production, and makes them part of the project for perpetuity, which is a good thing. I’m really not sure what the problem is about shifting from one medium to the next. Except for the time commitment, perhaps a few are on TV and you are extra busy. You don’t have the kind of dates to give to other projects. But other than that, if you are a good actor, I don’t see why the transition from one to the other should be a problem,” she says.

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