Posted on April 10, 2023 at 9:00 am

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Mohit Malhotra celebrates birthday with school friends, calls it ‘most-memorable’

Actor Mohit Malhotra, who will be seen in Bhagya Lakshmi celebrated his birthday in Delhi this year. He says that it was one of the best celebrations that he had.

The actor adds that birthdays have always meant a lot to him.

“I celebrated my birthday in Delhi this time and I was excited to celebrate it with my childhood friends. We have been best friends since school. I had a wonderful time. I think it was one of the most special birthdays I got to enjoy with my childhood buddies,” he says.

He adds,

“It’s nice to celebrate the day you are born with your close and dear ones. Such days remind you of how far you have come and possibly how you have spent each and every second of your life wisely and made the most of it. Birthdays come once in a year and they cannot be overrated because it’s one of those days that comes once in a year where you want to make the most of it, celebrate the most of it. It was really good.”

Ask him which have been his best birthday celebrations, and he says,

“There have been many. Sometimes I have travelled abroad to Islands or to different cities with my family. I would say the one which I celebrated this time with my childhood friends from school is also one of my most memorable birthdays.”

As for gifts, he says that he plans to wait for the one he wants this year.

“I have had many memorable gifts. One of my most memorable gifts that I have received was from my mom. She gifted me something that was very dear to me and I really appreciate that. I think moms only know what their kids really want and I think that is very good. I’m yet to buy a present for myself this birthday. I have been contemplating it but I think I have to wait a little bit. I want to buy this luxury car super soon. I think it’s going to come out in a few months,” he says.

Age is just a number, he says, adding,

“It is a number but it also gives you a number how much you have passed and how much you have possibly there. So, you’re keeping count of every minute spent in your life and making sure you spend wisely.”


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