Posted on April 5, 2023 at 4:15 am

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Mitaali Nag on the overuse of filters on social media

While actress Mitaali Nag doesn’t see anything wrong in using filters, they should not be over used, she says. The actress says that she always makes sure to keep it as natural as possible.

“Anything overdone or over used is always bad. Using filters to make your skin or body change to an unbelievable extent is definitely wrong and it gradually develops an inferiority complex. Embracing yourself as you are and loving the real you, is what develops a sense of content and fulfilment,” she says.

She adds,

“I keep a check on what kind of work is done on my pictures or videos before posting them, and make sure that nothing looks artificial in them. I make sure that my social media reflects the real me by posting pictures and videos in a raw or no makeup look mostly.”

She says that your social media feed needs to be a healthy mix of photoshoots and pictures with filters as well as natural pictures.

“To each his own. I feel anything done in limit does no harm. So, if once in a while I use a filter on my picture or post a professionally shot picture which has been photoshopped on my profile I don’t feel I am setting a bad example, because I make sure to balance it with posting more of my raw and real self,” she says.


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