Posted on April 19, 2023 at 5:27 am

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Junooniyatt’s Vishwas Saraf talks about the show and how he handles any stress

Junooniyat is a romantic musical drama and at present there’s no other show on TV in the genre. The story and concept of the show, produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Dreamiyata Production, is also unique.  Actor Vishwas Saraf, who plays the role of Karan in it, praises the team for making such an experimental attempt.

“The story has a lot of variations. Every time there is something unexpected in the plot, that shows the good creative ability of the writers. Sir Rajesh Chawla knows the pulse of the audience, and his dialogues are so appropriate and on point,” he says.

Music is a part of everyone’s life. About the role of music in his life and how much he listens to music, Vishwas adds,

“I am a big time indie music lover. I also love Arijit Singh’s songs . Good composition, creative lyrics is always an attractive combination but I always fall in love with the music which is creatively different. In my journey as an actor, I have also featured in many Hindi and Punjabi music videos.”

Music based love stories always generate a lot of interest, especially among the youth. However, the actor does not agree with it totally.

“Junooniyat is catering to all the audiences, specifically homemakers as they see their own children in the characters played by us onscreen. Music based love stories have always been a successful, tried and tested formula. But, as far as Junooniyat is concerned, it’s engaging housewives in addition to the youth,” he says.

About what changed in his life since Junooniyat came his way, he adds,

“Of course it has added a lot of happiness to me, my family and friends. I love to be on the sets and do more and more work. The environment, ambience and the people around are so loving and encouraging. I realise that people have started recognising me as an actor. At the same time, I feel responsible to give more to my audience which they always seek.”

For Vishwas Saraf, who was always passionate to become an actor, pursuing the profession became his Junooniyat.

“I always wanted to stay around the camera. Besides being an actor, I am also a trained cinematographer that helps me understand the nitty-gritty of my work,” he says.

Entertainment industry is not an easy place to be. There is no surety about work and there is a lot of stress and pressure.

“I take pressure and stress positively as I feel it makes you stronger and more creative. You become highly creative searching for solutions when you are under pressure or stress. Creative reading, dancing and working out diverts me from any type of mounting stress,” he shares.

Speaking on the new opportunities he wants to explore after the show, Vishwas adds,

“I wish that this show would never get over and my character grow in leaps and bounds. It is a creatively designed show and I foresee myself as a high-rated, highly-accepted TV actor, on whom the audience shares a lot of love. If good luck prevails, I’ll soon be seen in an upcoming meaningful Hindi film as a lead actor. I wish to do substantial roles in films, TV, ads and web series.”

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