Posted on April 3, 2023 at 4:00 am

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Jasmin Bhasin: I want the world to be pet friendly

Good news for animal lovers and caregivers, feeding stray animals is a law now. Even RWAs are expected to make sure the animals in their vicinity are well fed. There have been many instances where some people were assaulted while they were feeding stray dogs and cats. The new law that puts a stamp on this kind act therefore has come as a welcome change. Street Dogs of Bombay shared the good news of ABC Rules 2022 being notified by the government on their Instagram page. Jasmin Bhasin, who is also a dog mom, welcomes this positive change. The actor has a Maltese breed, who she lovingly calls Rambo.

“I’m very happy with the laws changing. Being an animal lover, I’m waiting for the day when we will be allowed to take pets in all shopping malls, restaurants… I want the world to be pet friendly as they are just innocent animals, who can’t speak like us and want our love,” she says.

Jasmin, however, feels that this is just the beginning.

“I still feel that there’s a lot of cruelty. In fact, the other day, I was just taking my little Rambo for a walk in the park in our building society, a guy shouted at me rudely and said, ‘Insaano Ke jagah par jaanvaro ko mat leke aao’. I’m like, on this planet, first animals came, they are letting us live here and how can you be so mean and cruel. That’s why I am waiting for the day when people will be more friendly and understand that animals also have equal rights on this planet as much as we have. I also dream of India, as a country, becoming more pet friendly,” she ends.

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